Relationships based on compassionate care promote quality of life

Holistic care for the elderly, or person-centered care, acknowledges each person’s diverse needs and wishes within the individualized treatment plan, improving health outcomes and increasing patient satisfaction.
Person-centered care enriches the lives of seniors
Person-Centered Care (PCC) focuses on the whole person: who they are and what they want from treatment, as well as their life in general. PCC respects strengths and weaknesses, preferences, beliefs, and feelings. Holistic practitioners believe that you are the expert on your life, values, and priorities. 
Compassionate care
Compassionate care views the patient in the context of their family, lifestyle, and community. Studies have revealed a connection to better healthcare decisions, sticking with treatment plans, and lower healthcare costs through caring, trusting, and collaborative attitudes toward patients and families. Satisfaction with quality of care and services appears to be directly related to the level of cooperation with family members. It should also be noted that healthcare professionals who work within the holistic model report more job satisfaction. Clearly, everyone involved in the caring relationship wins. 
PCM: A long history of compassionate care
From Florence Nightingale to modern hospice practice, holistic senior care advocates for all the patient’s needs.   Nightingale believed simple things were important for comfort and health: fresh air, sunlight, environmental cleanliness, and hygiene. Hospice’s care model incorporates mental, physical, and spiritual health, supported through the use of traditional medical practice: physician-prescribed medications, as well as education, restorative therapies, communication, and alternative treatments. Hospice promotes comfort through pain relief, adequate rest, nutrition and hydration, companionship, and the use of complementary treatments such as aromatherapy and massage.
Home-based holistic care for the elderly
Perfect Care Match’s experienced home care team includes a board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner on staff to ensure each client, and their family, is respected. They have a different sort of toolbox and include complementary treatments to reduce pain and improve appetite, mood, and sleep. The patient remains in their own familiar space. Holistic care treats the person as a whole while traditional medicine generally seeks to treat or cure disease.
In the US medical system, a patient may be seen as a disease needing a cure. However, in countries with socialized medicine, primary care providers (PCPs) are expected to assess for social and spiritual well-being, and access to all-around care. Europe’s national health services look at the “risk of ignoring other dimensions of care which are essential, especially for elderly patients: their spiritual needs and personal resources, loneliness and social integration, and self-care (i.e., the ability of patients to do something on their own except taking medications to increase their well-being).”
Live-in caregivers & care teams dedicated to holistic care for seniors
Perfect Care Match knows everyone has a different vision of their best life. For some that means sleeping next to their lifelong partner or having their faithful four-legged friend nearby. For others it may mean they want all the curative treatments they can get; or maybe as few interventions as possible. Many people who are naturally declining stay home, opting to receive only symptom management.
Hospice is a perfect example of holistic care. In home hospice and palliative care incorporate the entire spectrum of care: spiritual and psychological support, medical and nursing care, and skilled therapies that recognize and honor the cultural and social differences of clients. Good medical practice starts with meeting the patient wherever they are, regardless of illness, care setting, education, or socioeconomic status.
At PCM we provide your family with safety, peace of mind, consistency, and realistic expectations. In-home care helps us help you.  PCM makes it possible for our clients to receive dedicated person-centered care. Contact us now if you need assistance in taking care of a senior loved one at home.