Perfect Care Match Testimonials

“My father was in a rehab, then skilled nursing, then assisted living facility. We then brought him home and hired Professional Care Match in Westport MA for in home caretaker services. By comparison, the level of attention, professionalism and caring provided by their CNA Home Health Aide’s far exceeded the quality of care received in the facilities. Home care is far superior and Professional Care Match is the best in town!”

– Mark C.

“If you’re looking for compassionate and genuine care for your loved ones, look no further. The staff provide exceptional care while preserving one’s dignity and allowing them to maintain the comfort of one’s own home. I would highly recommend this company for all of your in home health care needs.”

– Stacey M.

“I started my work career as a CNA and LOVE working with the elderly and continued to work in the field for years… I enjoy everyone that I work with as everyone works together collectively to obtain the same visions Leah puts forth… QUALITY care for elderly loved ones in their own home. If you love what you do, it’s not work, it’s a passion. Since starting with the company my passion is back! And I can thank Leah and her company for bringing the joy and purpose back into my life. It’s a great company to work for and the company does everything possible to show the employees how much they appreciate their help when helping others.”

– Sandra A.

“Our family had a very positive experience with Perfect Care Match. My mom was very ill with severe dementia and was legally blind. When her long-time caretaker needed to leave for 2 months, we were referred to Care Match. It was a very difficult time for me and my sister since we did not live near our mom, so we were dependent on Care Match. We were matched with a wonderful, loving, and patient caretaker who took care of my mom like family. Care Match was consistent with keeping in touch and that made our family feel connected. Every day, I talked to Robyn, the caretaker, and she kept me up to date with my mom. Our family was so grateful for Robyn because it was a very difficult time for us being so far away. My mom did pass away in January and our family will always be grateful to Robyn who was a angel on earth. I would highly recommend Care Match for your loved one.”

– M. Rogozinski

“We reached out to Professional Care Match for help in the home and within 48 hours, there was competent professional care in place. The caregivers are extremely attentive and caring and have a great rapport with my dad. We are very appreciative of the caregivers and staff. We have already recommended the agency to a family friend.”

– The Fogg Family

“I used the Perfect Care Match company at the beginning of the year because my grandfather had broken his right hip in Nov 2020, and my nana broke her right hip in Jan 2021. Our family needed support during the day for their care. I spoke initially with Nicole, who immediately made me feel at ease. The stress of finding care for my grandparents was immense, and as it was their first time ever having non-family caring for them, I was very nervous. Nicole was so informative and patient. She sat down with my grandfather and made the whole experience a breeze.

Once we established a relationship with the company, we met Leah. Leah and Nicole did everything they could to check in with us, made my grandparents a Valentine’s Day gift, and found them the PERFECT caregiver. As a whole, this company really puts family first. They listen to concerns, are available at the drop of a dime, and make you feel like your family is their Number One priority.

I highly recommend trusting the Perfect Care Match and their team to find your family the best caregiver to fit your family’s needs. I cannot thank them enough for their efforts, support, and help when my family needed it the most. And I would use them again in a heartbeat.”

– C. Wynne

“As always, top-notch customer service for me and caring, thoughtful service for my mom. I appreciate that I can count on PCM – thank you. Thank you for being a trusted ally and care partner!” 

– The King Family

“Our family had Perfect Care Match take care of our mother at the end of her life. We cannot say enough about the exceptional care she received. Their staff is professional and caring. We would highly recommend them.”

– M. Shaw


– Drew Bear

“They are very responsive and accommodating. I was very happy with their services. Very caring and professional. They go the extra mile to find solutions. Their service and people were great. I thank them very much for their great service.” 

– D. Cobb

“Staff are very helpful and thoughtful.”

– The Sampson Family

“I was extremely satisfied with Stella, the caregiver you sent us today. She is a very warm and pleasant person and she was very professional. Please consider her as a wanted caregiver in our home anytime. Thank you”

– Germaine

“After 6 months of 24-hour care, I decided on live-in care. This has worked out to be the best solution for all involved.” 

– The Rice Family

“Our caregiver is the kindest, sweetest, Amazing person. Loved her! She made this experience A++”

– The Smith Family

“Your caretakers all have the perfect balance of professionalism and personable kindness, caring and compassion. Your administrative staff is also most competent and helpful!”

– The Collins Family

“I joined Perfect Care Match in August 2022. I started as a caregiver, and as of February 2023, I was promoted to field supervisor. I am extremely grateful for this wonderful opportunity. I find the team is so supportive and so kind. We strive to give exceptional service, and in doing so, the company is committed to ensuring great support for all employees. They truly care for their employees and their families. They all go above and beyond in supporting their staff, and this starts at the top.”

– Susan Cross

“I have worked with and for many home health care companies over the past 20+ years, and Perfect Care Match/Professional Care Match is the most professional, caring, and honest outfit currently in the marketplace today! They provide unique, custom-tailored care programs so that the dream of staying home can be realized. Do not hesitate to contact this Agency.”

– Tracey Clark

“Amazing company to work with!! Trust them with all my patients and families!” 

– VNA Provider

“I have worked for this Company for 3 years. I can honestly say this is the best company I’ve ever worked for.”

– Caregiver Arlene

“Whether someone is a client or a caregiver, they will never become just a number with us, they are going to become part of our Perfect Care Match family.”

“Caring for the elderly, especially those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, requires specialized knowledge and experience. Understanding these conditions and what clients with these challenges are facing is essential. PCMatch understands the unique challenges of caring for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. That’s why we ensure our caregivers have the necessary expertise and skills to manage all aspects of care and daily living. We don’t place inexperienced caregivers in these roles, unlike what happens at some other agencies.”

“With PCMatch It is not about the numbers; it’s about providing the best care for the clients and taking care of our caregivers. This truly is a family environment and approach on both sides.”

“I truly appreciate the support I have gotten with the company. I was drawn to Perfect Care Match first because of Leah Doroch’s vision and because it is like working with a family.

“It is different here, beginning with Leah -she takes the clients very seriously, and we all care about the clients. I have never worked within an agency like PCMatch before. I see Leah’s vision, and I am dedicated to it and how the company operates and cares for its clients. I am truly happy to be part of PCMatch.”

– Susan Cross, Case Manager, Cape Cod and the Islands

“PCMatch is always checking in to see how things are going with the client and with me because if I am doing well then the client will be doing well. It is not like that at other agencies.”

“Leah Doroch and all the supervisors treat me so well. If something is wrong or I need anything I can reach out and they are always very responsive, and that is so important and helpful.”

“PCMatch makes sure I have what I need. That I can take breaks to recuperate and come back rejuvenated to do a great job. They understand that it is hard and can be stressful to be 24/7, so they do check on you – it is great. You don’t see that with other agencies.”

“PCMatch supports its staff, they don’t just place you in a stressful situation, and as a result, I have never been in a situation that was bad. I have worked in a lot of placements with this company, and they are all great people, all great patients.”

“This is a family experience…with PCMatch, you get great families to work with and you work with great people. “Other agencies do not communicate, or ensure the well-being of caregivers like this.”

“I think of the clients as my own parent or grandparent. I would not want someone to mistreat my mom or my grandmom. I treat my clients as if they were my parent, and I treat their family as my own family.”

“PCMatch cares about their clients, and they care about their caregivers, in all they are a great agency.” The agency provides 24/7 live-in care that allows patients suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other conditions to remain in their homes. I don’t see any other agency providing this, and for so many, this is what they need.”

“PCMatch is doing a great job and I think they should expand to different states and worldwide because there are a lot of people who need this. I recommend PCMatch to everyone because of the care it provides clients and how it supports its staff. Leah and all of the staff are great, and they really do care and look out for everyone.”

– Tashay Bar, PCMatch Live-In Caregiver