The Perfect Care Match Difference

Be assured that your loved one receives the best care and experience with us.

Our unique Perfect Care Match Program facilitates the optimal pairing of caregivers and clients by utilizing the most respected and comprehensive professional personality assessment, profiling tool, and ongoing communications.

The Right Fit for the Best Experience

We aim to ensure the most beneficial experiences for clients and their families, promoting physical and emotional health and well-being for all.

At Perfect Care Match, we employ the renowned Caliper personality testing and assessment tool. This tool allows us to create detailed profiles for our care staff, clients, and their families. By matching personality types, like-minded interests, and preferences, we ensure a unique and innovative approach that sets us apart in the industry.

Ongoing Care Plan Reassessments

Our committed case managers work closely with families to establish a thorough patient profile. This profile is not a one-time assessment but a living document that is regularly reviewed and reassessed. This approach ensures we can accommodate personal preferences, guaranteeing a personalized and adaptable care plan.

Preferences can change over time, particularly with Alzheimer’s and dementia care. To ensure care plans align with client needs and desires on an ongoing basis, our skilled case managers and caregivers conduct regular reevaluations and updates and adjust as needed. This method guarantees the best match-up of care staff with clients while allowing the introduction of new activities and experiences for our clients to enjoy.

Perfect Care Match is Your Expert Partner in Finding Solutions that Work!

Our user-friendly platform empowers families to handpick their loved one’s care team members quickly and conveniently.