Perfect Care Match Services

We believe in providing safe, supportive, and affordable care solutions for seniors, enabling them to
receive the best care while remaining in the comfort and familiarity of home.

Your Partner for Senior Home Care

Perfect Care Match has thorough knowledge, expertise, and understanding of all in-home care and support aspects.

Our vision is to be the best support system for families facing the challenges of caring for their loved ones needing assistance. Our professional and unique care program makes peace of mind a reality, and the dreams of remaining at-home seniors come true.

Services and Specializations

Experience a comprehensive approach to caregiving that focuses on overall well-being beyond just physical care. Our compassionate in-home caregivers provide personalized attention and care, ensuring our clients receive the assistance they require based on their needs and preferences.

Our holistic caregiving services include various supports, including assistance with daily routines, movement exercises, outdoor walks and outings, and meaningful social interactions. We also ensure that your loved one receives nourishing meals and engages in intellectually stimulating conversations and activities.

The Perfect Care Match Difference

You can be assured that your loved one receives the best care and experience with us.

The Hourly Advantage

Perfect Care Match offers hourly home caregiver services that differ from other providers. Our hourly caregivers are available for shifts throughout the 24-hour cycle, with the option of 8-hour shifts or customized schedules based on your needs. Our services not only provide essential care but also offer additional support. They can supplement existing live-in caregiver placements, ensuring continuous care during break periods and duty-free time. This comprehensive approach ensures your loved one’s needs are always met while allowing live-in caregivers to take personal time to recharge.

Contact us today to learn more about our hourly caregiving services and how we can help you provide the best care for your elderly family member with our flexible options.
See more on our unique Live-In PLUS blended model of care below.

The Benefits of Remaining at Home versus Facility Care

We understand the importance of providing personalized care to our clients

Our Assisted Live-In Caregivers provide one-to-one care, which offers significant advantages and allows your loved one to remain in the comfort of their own home.

By choosing our assisted live-in caregivers, you can rest assured that your loved one receives individualized care tailored to their needs. This personalized approach ensures their comfort and well-being and promotes a sense of familiarity and security.

Remaining at home offers a range of additional vital advantages and quality protections. Staying at home reduces the risk of your loved one being exposed to contagions, viruses, and other infections that can occur in facility settings. This helps to maintain their health and safety and reduces unnecessary hospitalizations.

Moreover, being in a familiar environment with a dedicated caregiver promotes emotional well-being. It also minimizes exposure to other patients’ behaviors in facilities that can cause upset and be destabilizing, resulting in feelings of fear, anxiety, and confusion.

Choosing our personalized in-home care approach maximizes stability and consistency for clients, which are essential for individuals with dementia to feel secure and supported.

Our Caregivers Provide


Expert Care for Alzheimer’s and other Dementia-Related Illnesses


Assistance with Ambulation and Transfers


Assistance with Toileting and Bathing


Incontinence Care


Promotion of Healthy Skin Integrity


Assistance with Personal Hygiene and Showering


Medication Reminders and Administration


Tracking of Missed Medications


Meal Preparation for Well Balanced Diets & Specialty Diets (low salt, diabetic, pureed, and other)


Purposeful Engagement and Companionship


Opportunities to participate in Social and Senior Wellness Activities


Light Housekeeping


Transportation to doctor appointments and other errands


End-of-Life Hospice support

Caregiving Models

We understand that you want less “traffic” in your home when it comes to caring for your loved one. That is why we offer simple and flexible solutions to provide the perfect match for your care needs with consistency.

Hourly In-Home Caregivers

Our hourly-in-home care options provide flexibility and peace of mind. Choose from 8-hour shifts, customized schedules, or tandem care for 24/7 coverage.

Assisted Live-In Caregivers

Live-in caregivers provide long-term, personalized care and 24/7 companionship, ensuring consistent care and support.

Live-In PLUS – The Optimal Model for 24/7 Care

Our unique Live-In PLUS program offers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to ensure round-the-clock care for your loved one.

Holistic Senior Care

Holistic care goes beyond the physical and focuses on the complete individual, integrating companionship and activities to promote well-being, alleviate stress, and enhance quality of life.

Holistic Wellness Resources and Coaching

Perfect Care Match offers expert Ayurvedic self-care coaching to maintain and promote vibrant health and well-being for caregivers and families.

Memory Care: Expert Alzheimer’s and Dementia Home Care

We provide expert, in-home memory care, including personalized activities to empower and enrich your loved one’s life.

Assisted Living Home Care

We offer skilled dementia care in your loved one’s familiar surroundings, promoting independence and well-being.

End of Life Hospice Care

Perfect Care Match provides compassionate in-home hospice care, prioritizing comfort, pain management, and honoring the wishes of terminally ill patients.

Access Our Informative Resources

We strive to be an educational resource for families and professional caregivers

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We provide your family with safety, peace of mind, consistency, and realistic expectations.

Field Supervision Visits: Our expert team conducts these visits to ensure care plans are adhered to by care staff on an ongoing basis and to determine whether revisions are needed.

Client Services: Perfect Care Match is always there for our families and caregivers. Client Services are available 24/7, 365 days per year.