Live-In Caregiver

24/7 Care and Comfort For Your Loved One At Home

Choosing around-the-clock in-home care offers a range of benefits to elderly patients and their families. Opting for a single live-in caregiver ensures a seamless and consistent care experience. This streamlined, highly personalized model of care promotes individualized attention, authentic companionship, reliability, and safety for your loved one, all of which contribute to overall well-being and quality of life.

Highly Personalized Care, Peace of Mind

Live-in caregivers ensure continuous support and assistance, providing a sense of security and peace of mind while ensuring seniors receive care tailored to their specific needs, within the comfort and familiar environment of their own homes. Additionally, 24-hour home care enables family members to have peace of mind knowing their loved one is receiving comprehensive care and attention at all times.

24-Hour Dementia Home Care

Alzheimer’s and dementia are neurodegenerative diseases that impact cognitive abilities, memory, and emotions. Such physiological changes can lead to increased anxiety due to confusion, disorientation, and difficulty understanding surroundings. These challenges can cause feelings of uncertainty and fear, contributing to anxiety and depression. Loss of independence and the inability to communicate effectively can further exacerbate these symptoms. Choosing live-in home memory care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients offers consistency, familiarity, and stability, which can help minimize symptoms and create a peaceful and positive environment for patients and their families. Perfect Care Match’s holistic, person-centered caregiving approach includes expert Ayurvedic Self Care Practices to aid in alleviating stress and anxiety and improve mental well-being.

In-home care allows Alzheimer’s and dementia patients to stay connected to their support system, enhancing emotional well-being and quality of life. 24-hour live-in care support enables family members to actively participate in their loved one’s care while providing the peace of mind of knowing their loved one is receiving personalized attention at all times.

Fully Vetted; Cost Effective

With Perfect Care Match, you can have the confidence of knowing that our caregivers undergo a thorough vetting and screening process. Our full-service home care agency ensures that all licenses are up-to-date and properly documented. We have stringent hiring standards, including a four-stage interview process, rigorous background checks, and caregiver skills and personality assessments. All Perfect Care Match Caregivers have at least two years of professional experience in caregiving, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Home Health Aide (HHA), or Personal Care Attendant (PCA).

Selecting live-in home dementia care for your loved one can be a cost-effective solution compared to specialized nursing home facilities. By choosing in-home care, you can avoid the expenses associated with institutional care while receiving all of the benefits of individualized care in the comfort of your own home.

Optimal Coverage Least Traffic Model 

Hiring a single live-in caregiver provides the optimal continuity of care experience for clients and their families. The live-in caregiver model fosters highly personalized care, authentic companionship, consistency, and enhanced safety in the home setting, all of which contribute to well-being and quality of life.

Being present and engaged in caring for clients around the clock, live-in caregivers can develop a deep understanding of the client’s needs, preferences, and routines. Along with the benefits of strong bonds and trusted relationships developed with clients and families, live-in caregivers can engage in meaningful conversations, participate in activities, and provide emotional support.

Having a single caregiver also ensures consistency as caregivers can closely monitor the patient’s health, manage and administer medications, assist with daily activities, and promptly address any concerns that may arise. Live-in caregivers also contribute to overall safety in the home and assist with mobility, ambulation and transfers, and falls prevention, and can provide immediate assistance in case of accidents or emergencies. Providing these services in the home minimizes risk and helps to prevent hospitalizations.

Specialists in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

The familiarity and relationship developed through the live-in care model promote a valuable sense of comfort and security for elderly clients and those facing the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The personalized attention and companionship provided through this model of care enhances the daily living experience and reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Perfect Care Match caregivers provide the comprehensive services you need to ensure a healthy and safe environment for your loved one. We specialize in expert care for Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related illnesses, offering the support and assistance needed to manage these conditions effectively while creating a positive and peaceful environment. Our caregivers provide consistent, open, and honest communication with families, which is crucial for the care of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Our caregivers are trained to assist with ambulation and transfers, toileting and bathing, incontinence care, personal hygiene, and showering. They also provide medication reminders and administration, ensuring that your loved one stays on track with their medical prescription regimen and requirements.

We also understand the importance of a well-balanced diet. Our caregivers are skilled in nutritious meal preparation to meet various dietary needs, including low salt, diabetic, and pureed diets. We also seek to engage our clients in purposeful social interactions and wellness activities to promote emotional well-being and quality of life. Additionally, they can assist our clients and their families with running errands, light housekeeping, shopping, and transportation to doctor’s appointments and other errands.

Our specialized services include end-of-life hospice support, providing compassionate care during this delicate time. Our hospice care prioritizes alleviating distressing symptoms and honoring the wishes of our clients and their families to provide compassionate care and support. With Perfect Care Match, you can trust that your loved one will receive the personalized care they deserve.


Live-In PLUS

Live-In PLUS: The Ultimate Model for Optimal 24/7 Care

When it comes to delivering exceptional in-home dementia and hospice care, Perfect Care Match’s unique Live-In PLUS program offers a comprehensive solution to ensure families receive the round-the-clock support they require. With our Live-In PLUS program, you will never need to worry about gaps in caregiving coverage.

Our caregivers are experienced home health aides (HHAs) and certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Having a single, live-in, expert caregiver for longer-term assignments offers optimal continuity of care for clients and their families.

Round-the-Clock Worry-Free Care

In situations involving dementia or hospice care, individuals may require assistance throughout the day and night, making it impractical to rely solely on one caregiver to meet these needs during transitional periods. This situation can lead to caregiver burnout and a decline in the quality of care provided.

Cost Savings and Peace of Mind 

With Live-In PLUS, families benefit from continuous single live-in caregiver support supplemented by additional assistance from an hourly caregiver. This dual-caregiver model ensures that all care needs are met effectively and results in significant cost savings for families compared to facility care.

Exceptional In-Home Memory and Hospice Care 

Our mission is to provide the best care and support system for families caring for their declining loved ones.

Our Live-In PLUS program offers the optimal solution for 24-hour care. 

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